Nike’s new “Move” campaign

Move ad

In last year’s “State of the Nation’s Waistline” report (see link below), the first key recommendation was for the Government to take a new “hard-hitting” approach against obesity, along the lines of the anti-smoking and HIV campaigns, alongside other initiatives such as Change4Life.

So did you notice this ad that has appeared in several papers this morning?

Nike’s new “Move” campaign by-line of “one hour of activity every day makes the difference of a lifetime” should be supported – one of my main messages is the importance of being active as much as you can, not necessarily by rushing out to the gym, but by incorporating more “natural” activity into your daily routines.

I think most people probably know they should do more exercise, particularly if they do none at all. The key thing is to show them that starting to do some sort of activity has two main benefits:

1. Any activity, however small, has a big benefit, particularly for those who do nothing.

2. The most difficult thing about starting anything, is the act of starting itself. Once you have done just a day, then a week, then a month of being more active, then it becomes addictive and easier to do. Before you know where you are, you’ll be filling out the form for your first 5k!

A all-over plan like New In 90 will show you how to fill the odd five minutes here and ten minutes there with the right type of exercises and activities – encouraging your body to slim down and shape up, targeting all the vital muscles and organs that will benefit most from exertion. This approach is particularly successful for people who lead very busy lives.

Good luck

Show me how to lose weight and get fit

State of the Nation’s Waistline

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